BSF Shows Pakistan What It Lacks; Returns 12-Year-Old Thirsty Boy Who Crossed Over Border

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9:02 pm 3 Oct, 2016

Despite the loss of one of their brothers in arms to Pakistan-backed terrorists in Baramulla today, the BSF displayed an exemplary humanitarian gesture by returning a 12-year-old Pakistani boy to Rangers.

According to reports, the boy had inadvertently crossed over into the Indian side on Sunday evening.

The reason? He felt very thirsty while grazing his cattle and found a tubewell on this side of the border at the Dona Telu Mal in Punjab.


The boy, identified as Mohammed Tanveer, was apprehended by the BSF and was kept at a camp overnight, where he was taken care of.

The boy hails from village Dhari in the Kasur district of Pakistan.

BSF officials said that he was “handed over to the Rangers at about 11:00 am” on Monday. They said that such handovers of those who unintentionally crossover the border is as per policy.

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