21 Brutal Islamic State Laws That Will Make You Tremble In Outrage

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6:00 pm 27 Nov, 2015

We know what the Islamic State is and what they have been doing. What you, possibly, do not know are the laws that help the brutal terrorists hold sway on the territory they control.

So here are 21 ruthless laws of the Islamic State that will send a chill down your spine. If you are not happy with the laws or rules of your own country then read these. Believe me, you will feel fortunate not be living under these harsh laws.

1. Rape with infidels (Kafirs) has legal sanction.


 2. Slavery is recognized in Islamic State. Abducted women and girls from other faiths have been sold as sex slaves.


3. Abandoning Islam is the most dreadful offence under Islamic State. It is punishable by beheading.


4. Child marriage is justified.


5. Anyone found with a a western-style haircut or clean shaven is punished severely.


6. Female patients can only be treated by female doctors, who also inspect the length and thickness of ‘Burqa’.


7. All the shops and offices are closed during the time of namaz at five different times of the day.


8. If a woman is found without the company of any male relative outside her house, she is taken into custody and her husband is given 80 whips.



9. Islamic State forbids the use of ‘Daesh’ as their name. Those who do are buried with only their heads visible and then stoned.


10. Islamic State believes that worshipping at graves and tombs are prohibited in the Koran. These places are therefore destroyed.


11. Kafirs can be legally captured and forcibly converted to Islam.


12. Adulterers are stoned to death. Unmarried couples get 100 whips and exile for a year.


13. Those found consuming drugs, alcohol or cigarettes face 80 whips. Even listening to and playing music attracts similar punishment.


14. Women are allowed to leave their house without the company of a male relative only in urgent cases. (Those are undefined.)


15. The hands of thieves are chopped off. Crucifixion is the punishment for the dacoits.


16. Gays are pushed from the top of a building to their death.


17. Women are not allowed to sit on chairs in public places as it is against the laws of Islamic State.


18. Women always have to be in ‘Niqab’ and ‘Burqa’.


19. All schools under Islamic State have a completely Islamic curriculum. French and Chemistry are not taught.


20. Children of any age are trained to fight as jihadists for the Islamic State.


21. Execution of infidels is legal.



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