12 Quotes Every Brother Should Read To Value The Beautiful Bond With His Sister

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2:02 pm 17 Aug, 2016

Rakhi is here! A festival, where brothers and sisters formally remember how important their bond is, especially because on other days, they love to hate each other. Despite their every day rivalry, their unconditional adoration for each other never seems to fade away.

Every brother knows how maddening a sister can get. If she is elder, her elderly gyaan will bore you and if she’s younger, your privacy may get in trouble. But no matter how annoying sisters are, they are still the best thing to have ever happened to us. So, let’s acknowledge their priceless contribution in our lives with these 12 quotes:

1. The time when you broke up with your girlfriend and your sister was the first one to wipe your tears:



2. When you shouted at her for some reason and eventually, she pacified your anger and hugged you:



3. When she woke up all night to help you complete your school project:



4. When you succeeded in lying about your marks to your parents, she read your face:



5.  When you depressingly sat in your room and she asked, “Bae ne message nahi kiya?”



6. When you guys together cancelled your late-night party to spend the new year with your family:



7. When your best friend ditched you, she gained your trust:



8. When your tried convincing your sisters that Shah Rukh Khan is overrated:



9. When she decoded your desktop password and somehow, found your deleted history:



10. The time she supported your passion, when the whole world, even your parents, doubted you:



11. When she was wise enough to wear your wardrobe without your heed:



12. When you told her about your first date, she knew what all was made-up:



I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trade my sister for anything in the world. Lots of love!

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