British Olympian, Tom Bosworth, Proposes To His Boyfriend In Rio

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10:13 pm 16 Aug, 2016

The Rio Olympics are well on their way to becoming an epic event in LGBT history. First with the 40-odd out athletes, then Marjorie Enya’s proposal to girlfriend, Isadora Cerullo, followed closely by Judo gold medallist, Rafaela Silva opening up about her girlfriend, Thamara Cezar.


The latest in these breakout events, is British Olympian Tom Bosworth’s proposal to his boyfriend, Harry Dineley.


If you think it’s tough facing off with the world’s finest athletic talent, you have no idea about how difficult it is for same-sex couples to stay together in a world hell-bent on tearing them apart or branding them as criminals. The out athletes aren’t just creating history in Rio, they are, in fact, writing histories — their own, and that of the gay community. Bravo!

Congratulations, you guys!

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