These 11 Types Of People Experience 11 Different Break-Up Phases

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4:00 pm 17 Aug, 2015

I know you took a while to open this listicle because initially you were a bit scared, thinking that it will remind you of your last painful break-up. No, this article is not that tragic and I have tried my best to add humor to it. That actually shows how much I care for my readers. So, it’s time to walk down that break-up lane, which you promised yourself to never visit again…


1. The too-much-in-love type

They are so deeply in love that their break-up phase usually lasts for a year or so. Their impractical attitude and infinite faith in fairy tales urge them to believe they are not made for love. My advice: get over this mentality.

2. The ‘artist’ type

When a singer, painter or a writer goes through a break-up phase, the art comes out. They are naturally blessed and know how to use their pain wisely. So, next time you play with an artist’s heart, you better know what they can do.

3. The ‘2 months-recovery-time’ type

For them, getting out of love is an easy game. They are prepared to adopt practical ways to get past the break-up, like seeing someone else or occupying themselves with meaningful work.

Their falling-in-love time period and getting out if it is a constant: 2 months.

4. The ‘beep-beep’ ones

They are more or less inspired by Eminem’s “Spacebound” or “25 to life” and are usually prone to loud break-ups. Their over-sensitive hearts will flash out all the profane words at the time of the break-up.

Once flashing out is over, the next day they are over you.

5. The ‘mutual break-up’ type

They are following the friendly footsteps of Ranbhir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. What separates them from everyone is their maturity and understanding. Personally, these are my favorites but it also depends on how your relationship has been so far.

6. The revenge type

The break-up is deadly and filled with high-octane revenge attitude. Such things happen when cheating and unfaithfulness is the reason for the break-up.

7. The ‘too-confused’ type

But wait, why are we breaking up? We were never in a relationship. Right ???

They redefine heights of confusion because they are themselves not clear about whether they ever loved each other or not.

Yeah, we used to call each other three times a day but we were never really committed.

8. The ‘break-up party’ type

These party animals need just one weird reason to party and that’s enough to set the mood. They celebrated when they loved each other, so why not celebrate the ‘goodbye’ time? Point hai boss!

9. The ‘I-need-relationship-counselor’ type

You tried dating someone else. Failed. You endlessly wasted time talking to your friends. Failed. You memorized all the Pinterest quotes of “Break-up”. Failed.

Finally, you found yourself lying on a posh sofa at the counselor’s office spilling your break-up tales. Best of luck!

10. The ‘alone time’ type

They lock themselves up, switch off their phones and deactivate their social accounts as their depression hits the mercury level.

11. The ‘socially depressed’ ones

Sadly, they cannot express their pain in words, so they use social platforms like Facebook or Twitter to pour out their emotions. Thier nights are wasted in searching the best one-liner to explain their emotion and then updating it as their WhatsApp status.

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