19 Amusing And ‘Not So Clever’ Brand Imitations

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6:00 pm 17 Aug, 2015

Western countries could have been the first ones to launch these high-end brands, but that aint working here! China and a couple of middle east countries have come up with their own versions. You call them imitation or copyright infringement.. they call them inspiration. Check out these 19 brand imitations which are outright funny!

1. When the Walker became Worker!

We won’t ‘Label’ it Johnnie..

Red Labial


2. When Google and Play Store became Fashion rivals

We like diversifying everywhere.

Diversifying In To New Sectors, I See


3. Run in your iPhones now!

We make it affordable with style..

I Think I'm Gonna Get A New Pair Of Iphones


4. Coffe at Star Fucks?

We are really all about innovation.

A New Business Is Opening In Town


5. When Michael and Gates become BFFs

We are a notch higher than the windows okay?



06. When their Man is Special

We like creating our own Superheroes. 100% original.



07. When burgers are for all

We are communists…not autocrats.

Delicious Burgers, Now With Less Monarchy!


08. When Game Boy finally became child’s play

We give our child the due respect

Nailed It


09. When Internet Explorer gave up

We have put Explorer to better use…like sunscreen

Didn't Know Microsoft Were In The Sunscreen Industry


10. When pizza’s are no longer served in Huts

We think roof-top is really trending.

Pizza Roof


11. PRAPA becomes affordable

We want fashion accessible to all.



12. When Oreo became Borio

We thought Oreo was boring…so



14. Get rid of Redbull now

We love RidBull.. it tastes better!



15. When Kentucky got Krispy

We make more sense…Come on!

Kfc - Krispy Fried Chicken..


16.When Bentley became Geeley Ge

We are genuises!
Geely Ge Limo

17. When Chanel married Gucci

We like making it two-in-one..
Chanel X Gucci = Ghanel  !!?


18. When Puma became a Pimp

We don’t know what happened with poor Puma..
Pimp Not Puma


19. When Nokla is the new thing

We are good at dealing with smartphones.



Credits: boredpanda

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