23 Things You Feel When Your Best Friend Gets A Boyfriend

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8:00 pm 30 Jan, 2016

What’s worse than being single on Valentine’s Day? Watching your best friend go on a date with her new boyfriend!

We don’t really care much about cute couples and days like Valentines- except when we make fun of them with our best girl.


But what happens when it’s just you – not your girl any more.

ALERT: She has a boyfriend!


Here are 23 things you’d say – out loud, or in your head – when you hear about it from your best friend.

1. “Oh, nice.” It’s not feeling that nice though.

2. ”Are you sure about him?”

3. ”Do you even know him that well?”

4. ”I don’t want you to fall in that trap again. It doesn’t feel right to me.”

5. Has she found the one?

6. What did she do to deserve such a perfect life?

7. What did I do to be single forever?

8. Is she going to get married and live happily ever after?

9. Am I going to be that old lady with forty cats?


10. Is my whole concept of love wrong?

11. Maybe, I don’t know how to be with guys.

12. Maybe, she is slightly more beautiful than me.

13. Maybe, she’s a better person, too.

14. Am I really so undeserving of any love on this planet?

15. What’s so wrong with me?


16. Oh, shit! Valentines Day is almost here.

17. Will she get a cute surprise date?

18. Oh yes, I will get myself a burger from Burger King.

19. Maybe that’s the only King I deserve.


20. Who will dance with me to ‘Single Ladies’?

21. Girls nights will be replaced by date nights?

22. Double dates? Oh God, this is horrifying.

23. Our group chats won’t be private any more.


Shit! I better listen to Selena Gomez. She’s my only girl!


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