15 Signs That Show You Were Born To Become An Actor

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7:00 pm 6 Aug, 2015

We all at some point might have tried our hand at acting, either copying a couple of dialogues or dancing to the moves of our favorite actor. However, not all of us have mastered the art. For those who are just born to act, acting doesn’t come accidentally to them, they chase their dream to fulfill it. So, if you have these characteristics, maybe you should give acting a shot. What’s your take?

1. You add style to the daily tasks that you do.


2. You express mostly through your eyes.


3. You copy the new dance moves of your favorite actor.


4. You spend time in front of mirrors, rehearsing dialogues.


5. You are really dramatic even when the situation doesn’t call for it.


6. You are very conscious of the way you look.


7. You showcase myriad emotions within seconds.


8. You always stole attention away from your sibling.


9. You have always been a dreamer.


10. You just love posing every minute every second.


11. People get entertained seeing your tactics.


12. You have confused your parents about whether you were acting or not.


13. You are too passionate about acting.


14. You have tried really hard to excel in the art of acting.


15. No other job works for you.



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