15 Ideas You Can Use To Liven A Boring Office Day

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7:00 pm 9 Sep, 2015

Do you love your job? If not start loving it to avoid Monday morning blues. Monday is something that freaks everybody out after a good weekend. Well do you wanna know what is worse than Monday? A boring office day.

I am generally very excited regarding my work because this is my passion. Sometimes not even this bahana works, and I ends up with a bad mood due to certain problem which stop me from being productive. That is when everything becomes boring. Your colleagues are busy in their work, so no! you just can’t disturb them.

Here I’ll tell you some really interesting ideas to keep yourself busy and get through a boring office day. Hush! This is a secret, keep it to yourself.


1. Look around and see people making weird faces to themselves, when they work.

Yes, this is really amazing. It will give you a good laugh and later you can tease them. Ha ha!

2. Animals are something that interest everybody. Watch funny videos for dog, cats or birds, Post them and make others laugh as well.

Believe me, these videos are hilarious plus cute plus adorable and will force you to buy a pet for yourself.

3. You can just get away with your boredom by critiquing the item/ extremely stupid songs Bollywood releases these days.

Did you watch ‘Dheere Dheere’ – the new music video? Honey Singh spoiling such an amazing old song. Ughhh. That song was my favorite! He just cannot do this.


4. Give your mind some peace – meditate.

Google some good ways to meditate and develop your concentration, and concentrate and do something productive. He he!

PS – Do not follow any Baba of any sort. please!

5. Look at your crush. Admire her beauty or just write points which makes him look so hot!

They look cute while working. Just try it once and don’t freak them out. Warning – They can sue you for harassment because of your creepy stares.

6. You can always read newspapers. They are good and have hot celebrity pictures, nice puzzle, crossword and celebrity pictures again!

Jokes apart, you can always go through the newspaper and write to the editor about your ideas which can help society. Contribute a little. Make a difference.

7. Think about your loved ones; go home and thank them.

Whether it be your mother, father or your better half or anyone close to you. They do so much for you and you forget to thank them because of your hectic schedule. Today go home thank them, show some love and make them feel special.

8. Planning about your future is one thing which we generally do in the shower.

This is a better place and time to think about it. Make yourself realize what you want in life. Want does not mean ‘money’ always. Think about things which make you happy and see if you are happy with the things you already have.


9. See the Americans criticizing China. You guessed it – Walmart.

See People at Walmart posts. That will make you ROFL.



10. Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’. You will thank me for this.

This is the most amazing thing you can do. Yo bro, ‘winter is coming’.

Caution: You will become an addict.

11. Make a list of the good things and the bad things you have done in your life.

This helps a lot. Compare both the lists. You will be aware about the number of mistakes you have committed. This will make you a better person in life. Try to increase the number of good ones on your list.


12. Think about your passions, hobbies and interests which you used to follow in your school/college days.

These hectic work schedules make almost all of us forget about our interests and hobbies. You should recollect those memories, feel happy and take out time to follow them.


13. Think ideas about decorating your cubicle.

This will create a good environment around you. Having your favorite things right in front of your eyes will keep you happy. Everyone will appreciate your creativity. Yeah they will!



14. Girls can admire Fawaad Khan. You can watch his series, and videos where he recites poetry with his deep-set voice. Guys you can just check out his dressing sense and try to copy him a bit.

He mesmerizes EVERY single girl with his hearthrobing personality. Oh my God! I love him too.


15. Listening to Taylor Swift is another way to get rid of your boredom. She is hot with such blessed voice.

Her songs will inspire you. Make you feel fresh. Shake it off, Shake it off!

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