17 Things We Did When We Were Bored Kids At Someone’s Wedding

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12:00 pm 9 Nov, 2015

Weddings are an important part of Indian families as it means the coming together of the extended family, new clothes, food and freedom from school for few days. However, as kids, one might not have liked the idea so much because the event does not involve children in any way. But giving a miss to a wedding was never an option available to us so we devised few ways to find enjoyment in that utterly boring affair too. Here are few things most kids do during weddings.


1. Playing hide-and-seek with friends and cousins where the tables laid for dinner, the stage, and stalls were used as hiding places.


2. Dancing was the most enjoyed bit, no matter what music was playing.


3. Antakshari is one of the most familiar games played during boring wedding festivities.

Boring weddings


4. Running around on the grounds after friends or cousins.

Boring weddings


5. Playing games on parent’s cell phone. Or looking though their pockets/purse for something interesting.

Boring weddings


6. Dividing people in two teams and playing dumb charades.


7. Playing pranks on the family members or even unknown guests.


8. Sneaking away from parents’ eyes to eat your favorite food available at the stalls.

Boring weddings


9. Jumping on the stage to play with the decorations. Be it balloons or flowers.

Boring weddings


10. Fighting with the siblings on the pettiest matter possible.

Boring weddings


11. Hiding footwear of not just the groom but other family members and friends.


12. Sharing ghost stories.

Boring weddings


13. Make-belief games were one of the options.

Boring weddings


14. Troubling toddlers around you.


15. Sitting next to the bride and groom and posing for all the photographs.


16. Fidgeting with the security alarms.

Boring weddings


17. Hiding parent’s or sibling’s belongings to irritate them.

Boring weddings


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