Remembering The Fallen: 10 Years Since The Bombay Local Train Bomb Blasts

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2:31 pm 12 Jul, 2016

Ten years ago today, Bombay’s lifeline, its local train system, came to a screeching halt as seven bombs went off inside local trains across the city.


It was my second week in the city; my second week working for a news channel. What I witnessed then, made my blood run cold. News honchos running around yelling ‘Khelo! Khelo!’ Play on the story, for as long as possible. “Because that’s where the TRPs are,” I completed the sentence in my head, as comprehension dawned. When I first witnessed this scene, I was stumped by the businesslike approach to the tragedy that was unfolding before us.

Two bombs had gone off inside two separate local trains in Bombay. As I stood there taking the information in, news petered in that five more bombs had gone off across the length of Bombay. The refrain of ‘Khelo! Khelo!’ reached an unbelievable crescendo.

In a moment that was as heartening as it was surprising, Bombayites showed unbelievable compassion in the face of this tragedy, and found their humanity, just as news anchors like Arnab Goswami and Rahul Shivshankar were losing theirs.


Here’s remembering the unsuspecting hundreds who fell that fateful day. And those that rose to the challenge of being human!


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