Can You Help 93-Year-Old Boman Kohinoor Meet Prince William And Kate Middleton?

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5:48 pm 9 Apr, 2016

It might have been over six decades since the British left India, but the enthusiasm of one of their biggest fans has not diminished over the years.

Boman Kohinoor is 93 years of age and runs Mumbai’s most famous Parsi cafe ‘Britannia & Company’, where he proudly displays a cherished collection of royal family photos.



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He has a prized photograph of Queen Elizabeth, that she sent herself, a photograph of Britain’s Prince William with his wife Kate and their son George, and even a cut-out of a smiling Queen Elizabeth.

Proudly proclaiming himself as India’s biggest fan of the British royal family, Kohinoor is desperate to meet Prince William and Kate who are to arrive in Mumbai on April 10.

Already planning to give it his all to meet the royal couple, Kohinoor said:

“I will be going to Oval Maidan the day after tomorrow when they will be watching cricket. Hopefully I will see them there.”

Kohinoor, who has worked at Britannia his whole life, has portrayed his love for the British royals at his restaurant which was opened by his father in 1923, the same year that he was born.


Having worked their for 75 years, Kohinoor proudly says:

“I am 93 years old. The restaurant is also 93 years old and we have sentimental value about the royal family. I would be very happy and I would be honoured if they (Will and Kate) would visit me…I would treat them to the best of my signature dishes like berry pulao and sali boti mutton, lamb, and fish and all that.”

Kohinoor also disclosed that he has written regular letters to Queen Elizabeth over the years and has even received a reply from one of her representatives at Windsor Castle.

He hopes that Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess visit his restaurant during their short 36-hour stay in Mumbai.

His desire for the royal couple to eat at Britannia has also been gaining a huge traction on social media and even Conde Nast Traveller made a feature on Kohinoor.

With the video they are trying to get #WillKatMeetMe go viral so they can fulfil Kohinoor’s wishes.

The royal couple will spend seven days in India and Bhutan and are expected to visit Mumbai, as well as Agra’s famous Taj Mahal where William’s mother Princess Diana was famously photographed.

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