The Fair And The Lovely: Bollywood’s Age-old Tryst With Foreigners

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11:57 pm 15 Oct, 2016

Seeing a foreign face in Bollywood movies is quite a commonplace thing. Every Bolly fan worth her/his salt has heard of Bob Cristo and Tom Alter.

Over the past decade or so, Bollywood has seen quite a few firangi faces come and go. Some we’ve seen, some never again. Here’s a look at some of these actors:

1. Rachel Shelley (‘Lagaan’)


2. Martin Henderson (‘Bride And Prejudice’)


3. Alice Patten (‘Rang De Basanti’)


4. Mish Boyko (‘Queen’)


5. Rebecca Breeds (‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’)


6. Clive Standen (‘Namaste London’)


7. Antonia Bernath (‘Kisna’)


8. Sarah Thompson Kane (‘Rajneeti’)


9. Felix D’Alviella (‘Aaja Nachle’)


10. Lauren Gottlieb (‘ABCD: Any Body Can Dance’)


None of these have had the staying power of the likes of, say, Sir Tom Alter. Let’s see if another foreign actor will ever be able to carve a niche for herself/himself in the biggest film industry in the world!


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