21 Bollywood Star Dialogues That Are Perfect Reply To Censor Board’s Stupidity

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6:19 pm 17 Feb, 2016

The Censor Board has been a pain in the ass for many a film-maker. Needless to say what it has been for audiences. The Union Government has formed a committee headed by acclaimed film-maker Shyam Benegal to look into revamping of the board. But that might not be all; so some good chaps decided to help the committee tackle the pietistical board with help from the movie goers – technically, all of us – by asking them to write to the panel.

What if our celebs are really pissed off with the board and its chief Pahlaj Nihalani? What will they tell the editing-happy CBFC? How about conveying their message in their own filmi style?


1. Nana Patekar warns.




2. Smart Ajit has a smart solution.




3. Amrish Puri announces not to mess with him.


Amrish Puri


4. And no chief would mess with a Hollywood-bound Priyanka Chopra.




5. “Jao pehle us aadmi ko lekar aao jisne mere haath pe yeh likh diya tha.” Remember him?





6. A philosophical thought from Jaggu Dada.


Jackie Shroff


7. Dharmendra would welcome Nihalani to Ramgarh.


Dharmendra (2)


8. Anna’s take on Censor Board is pragmatic.


Suneil Shetty


9. Vidya has something to teach.




10. Pran gives words to the collective feeling of movie-goers.




11. Bhai, tussi great ho!


Salman Khan



12. Ramadhir chacha sahi bol rahe hain.




13. SRK is right…because he is drunk.




14. Sharmila and the plea of all audiences to the Censor Board.


15. But Rani is not helpless.


Rani (2)


16. ‘Khiladi’ Kumar is the boss who can take a dig at anyone.


Akshay Kumar


17. Ajay Devgan gives an ultimatum.




18. Tusshar Kapoor’s way of protest.


Tusshar Kapoor


19. A.K. Hangal shows the pain of movie-goers when the scenes are cut out.


20. But if they are Shatrughan Sinha, you do not sit silent.





21. Period.


Raaj Kumar


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