7 Bollywood Newsmakers We Saw In 2015 For Reasons Other Than Their Stellar Movies

2015 saw a number of splendid movies and an even more splendid work from the actors. In spite of it, our stars made sure they had the limelight shine on them off the silver screen too.

Here are 7 Bollywood stars who gave a hit or a miss on-screen but reserved the tabloid columns for all the right and wrong reasons:


1. Salman Khan

Undoubtedly, the number one slot in the list has to be the headline-grabber Salman Khan. He was acquitted of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case which made for quite some juicy tweets. He was also in the news for his patch-up with long-time nemesis Shahrukh Khan. The stars not only made it to peppy dubsmashes and Arpita’s wedding pictures but also an exciting ‘Bigg Boss’ episode – all the while their fans went ooh-aah over their bromance!


2. Aamir Khan

The ‘intolerance’ remark didn’t went quite well with the “Indians” of this country. Even Aamir wouldn’t have known that an innocent confession could lead to him being called Pakistani and gaddar. The media’s manipulated coverage had Twitteratti raging and Facebook uniting in absolute condemnation of his remark about finding India unsafe. Apparently, tickets were booked for Pakistan for him and his family. Aamir Khan kept mum for a while but retorted saying how India indeed proved to be intolerant.


3. Shahid Kapoor

The chocolate lover-boy finally got hitched this year breaking many hearts after got his broken many times in the last few years! The mysterious Delhi-girl, Mira Rajput, brought Sasha in the limelight time and again. Her Facebook account was dug, her history was unraveled and their arranged marriage was written about.

Right from the wedding silhouttes to the anticipation of Kareena Kapoor’s presence at her ex-boyfriend’s marriage, Shahid was all over. More so after the wedding, when Sasha boy looked like one happy guy when he posted oh-so-adorable pictures with his wife!


4. Kangana Ranaut

The Queen of Bollywood re-affirmed her position internationally as she walked in Cannes with elan this year while giving a bold, captivating interview to BBC London. She also didn’t shy away from uncannily proclaiming how gender biased the paying system of Bollywood is. Moreover, she also seems to be on a high of her recent successes, so much so that she has been on a constant cat-fight with her contemporary and once-upon-a-time best friend Deepika Padukone. In a recent interview, Kangana grabbed eyeballs when she revealed that ‘just good friends’ in Bollywood simply stands for ‘F**k buddies’!


5.  Ranbir Kapoor

His ‘Tamasha’ on-screen might not have been able to garner huge box-office collections but the tamasha in his love life kept him stirring the gossip tabloids every now and then. The affectionate coming-together with his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone didn’t go quite well with his current flame Katrina Kaif. This is why he was always in news either for a remark made by Deepika on how he needs to take her permission before getting married or for an unconventional interview given by ever-guarded Katrina Kaif on her insecurity towards the Kapoor-lad.


6. Akshay Kumar

The ‘Khiladi’ actor might not have been able to do much magic on-screen this year, but off-screen he proved yet again why he’s called the most humanitarian actor in tinsel town. Akshay donated Rs 1 lakh to 30 farmers per month during the droughts. During the Chennai floods, he came forward to donate Rs 1 crore to the victims.


7.  Deepika Padukone

As if her back-to-back super hits were not enough, Deepika Padukone refused to leave the limelight this year. Starting the year, Deepika came out with her confession of having gone through serious depression. Later, her Vogue video ‘My Choice’ stirred the controversy on sex outside marriage.When ‘Tamasha’ released, her interviews with Ranbir Kapoor made the headlines every other day with her controversial statements like, “I love Ranbir Kapoor” .

With ‘Bajirao Mastani’, her alleged relationship with Ranveer Singh caught the tabloids’ attention. Her sizzling chemistry with Ranveer was apparent in her dubsmash debuts and promotional stints. Apparently, its rumored that Ranveer Singh will soon be asking Deepika to marry him.

With so much going on, this lady seems to be heading for the headlines next year as well!

8. Anupam Kher

Veteran actor, entrepreneur and social activist Anupam Kher was in news for reasons other than his movies. He led the ‘March For India’ campaign against the protests for rising ‘intolerance’ in the country. This was owning to the return of ‘Sahitya Academy Awards’ by a host of writers, scientists, historians and filmmakers who were raising their voice internationally against intolerance under the BJP-led government. ”Any brutal killing is condemnable. We strongly condemn it and expect swift justice. But if it is used by some people to attempt to defame India at the international platform, then we should be worried” said Anupam Kher in an interview.

9. Siddharth

South Indian actor Siddharth of Rang De Basanti fame lost his home in the Chennai floods. As a wake-up call, he used Twitter to mobilize support for the victims emphasizing on-ground work for the volunteers. He formed a team and walked around the districts to provide relief work and correct logistics to make help available at the right place. With no complaints and criticism to the government or administration whatsoever, Siddharth proved to be a real-life hero restating, ”Koi desh perfect nahin hota, use perfect banana padta hai”. 

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