British Troops Are Using Bollywood Music To Frustrate Islamic State In Libya

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8:54 pm 1 Jun, 2016

There are many in India who say that Bollywood music is irritating. Perhaps British special forces know that very well and are therefore putting it to a world-saving use.

According to Daily Mirror, Bollywood music is being used against…ahem…the Islamic State!

Why? Because according to the twisted beliefs of the Islamic State, music is un-Islamic.


The strategy is being employed in Sirte area in Libya. Sirte has been under the control of 4000 Islamic State barbarians for the last 20 months.

The British forces, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), are not directly engaging the ISIS terrorists but assisting and training Libyan forces to take them on.

As part of their strategy, they have reportedly stationed two cars close to Sirte from which huge loudspeakers blare out Bollywood music.


Additionally, they intercepted ISIS communication channels and started airing music via them further irritating the terrorists.

The trick is working. When they listen to the Bollywood songs, the tormented terrorists complain of the same on their radios giving away their exact locations.

And do you know who came up with this brilliant idea? A Pakistani-born British intelligence officer.

The officer told the forces that Bollywood music will be the perfect tool to unnerve the terrorists.


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