13 Bollywood Minimal Posters That Explain Life Situations Perfectly Well

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9:00 pm 20 Aug, 2015

Bollywood is just not an integral part of our lives; it has reached every cell of our body and controlled it with its chemical loocha. You are either PK or still inside your mother’s womb if you haven’t heard of Bollywood.

Jokes apart, even the slightest thing we do has a natural connection with Bollywood. So, here are 11 Bollywood minimal posters perfectly explaining our everyday situations. And I kept this intro short and sweet just like a Yash Raj’s trailer. Hope the movie (Right below) doesn’t disappoint you and also a Yash Raj movie never fails at the box office.

1. Situation: 

Yesterday was your best friend’s wedding and all through the day you stayed away from food with the excitement that night would be so delicious. The night was more-than-delicious, as your stomach became a cosmopolitan organ with all the Italian, Chinese, Mexican and continental food inside it.

The next morning,


2. Situation:

On a Monday morning, your last night’s hangover was still circling your head, the empty Kingfisher beer bottles were lying peacefully on your bed just like you. The only non-alcoholic thing in your room: your alarm, finally rings.

How much time you have to reach office on time?



3. Situation:

When a beautiful mother, after 9 months of immense pain, hold happiness in her blessed hands for the first time.

This joy is so immense that I have no words to describe it.


4. Situation:

Your first-year results are out. During this year, you consciously tried to bunk classes and get the dating history of every smoking-hot girl, just to give a ‘cool’ image about yourself.

End result: 4 re-appears and 4 bottles of Royal Stag.



5. Situation:

You love her. That’s sure. Actually 500% sure. But are the feelings mutual? The flower-plucking method is too cliche and why destroy the greenery for a girl?

Adopt a cheaper method for it.




6. Situation:

You were thinking about sex while you were walking to the mandap, also when you were having the heavenly saath pheere and even when you were praying for the shaadi rituals to end.

Sexual tension at its peak. My advice, just do it tonight.

7. Situation:

Last February 14th, you promised every mother-fucking committed person that you will have a hot date a year later. But the story remains the same.


8. Situation:

You planned a dinner date with your partner and as always, you reached on time, actually 2o minutes early, to reserve the ideal seat for your beloved. After waiting for frustrating 30 minutes, you text to know the reason for the delay.

After a while, you receive a small text reply: “Sorry, I forgot.”


9. Situation:

You have to update “n” amount of data, as your haunting boss is sitting on your head like a devil. May be the Internet God doesn’t care much about your life and your search for the right internet speed is still on…

10. Situation:

Today is your reunion, you took an appointment with the best hair stylist to get the perfect make-over. As he was styling your hair, the IPL match was playing in his ears. As the Dhoni hits a perfect sweep, so does he. Oops!


11. Situation

Your lifelong dream was to expand your father’s business and your father advised you to help him after graduation, but you felt gaining some experience was more important, so you ignored his advice.

After working for 3 years, he again requested you to join his company but you instead applied for an MBA to update your management skills.

Soon after completing the MBA, your father’s company went bankrupt…


12. Situation:

On an early Sunday morning, when you were dreaming of a holiday. Your boss (a true kidnapper of peace) calls you with the hope that you will pick his phone.



13. Situation:

The final match between Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians is on and suddenly the cable connection dies out…

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