12 Bollywood Moments That Describe How You Feel In Summer. Nailed It!

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4:42 pm 27 Jun, 2015

With people reaching office on time, lesser number of vehicles on the roads during the day and strong heat waves across the country, this summer has made us crave for monsoons like never before. Ever thought what do Bollywood and summer have in common? We’ll tell you. Here are 12 expressions from Bollywood that one can relate to this summer:

1. It is too hot to care about looks. The sweat, heat, and dust have made your face and clothes dirty.


2. When you get tanned. Face wash. Sunscreen. Step out. Repeat. This is pretty much your daily routine.


3. When you are asked to step out at 12 pm. Seriously? Lunch plans are a total no no.


4. What does water mean in summer? When someone offers you water, when you see water or when you drink water = LIFE!


5.The joy of eating ice creams, golas and sodas. Need we say more?


6. This summer, you found true love. The air conditioner


7. You detest jeans, trousers and any piece of clothing that blocks air.


8. Hugging people makes you awkward. Blame the stink that follows the sweat. Of course, deodorants are over utilized.


9. If you belong to Mumbai or Chennai, taking multiple showers also does not really help. To hell with humidity!


10. This summer, food consumption went down. People stuck to liquid diets. But wait, where did the liquids go?


11. Stepping out? Never forget to suit up!


12. And finally, your worst nightmare – the electricity bill!



Credit: Aloo-Gobi

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