Why The US Is Directly Responsible For Everything Islamic State Does

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7:08 pm 18 Nov, 2015

How was the Islamic State born and how did it become so dangerous to carry out such dastardly attacks on Paris, in one of the world’s most advanced countries? This is the burning question as of now.


Benn Swann, an investigative journalist, found an answer to this question back in February 25 this year.

Back when the US was contemplating sending in troops to fight ISIS in Iraq, Leon Panetta had warned:


Who created them? Angela Keaton of anti-war.com blames US.


“It was a functioning country. It was not particularly a horrible hell hole for religious minorities.”


This is what US did to Iraq, but the media never speaks about it.

There wouldn’t have been a power vacuum if Saddam Hussein existed.


ISIS did not rise in Saddam’s absence. It rose because of US’ brashness.

ISIS was insignificant insurgent group in 2006. They had neither funds nor recruits.


In 2009, they shifted focus to Syria where a civil war had broken out. They were failing because of Al-Nusra and Free Syrian Army.


It was at this point that the US was requested to help the Free Syrian Army by the rebels themselves.


Obama was initially reluctant…


…But the US changed its stance and started directly arming, training and strategically helping the Free Syrian Army through CIA.

This happened by September 2013.


Surprisingly, they didn’t had an inkling that the rebels either sold the arms to ISIS or joined ranks with them.

Thus ISIS gained strength and returned to capture Syria.


The US showed a strange lack of foresightedness by leaving their military assets in Iraq behind, which landed in ISIS hands.

Islamic State now has over 100 US made military vehicles including M1A1 tanks, all from their continuous victories over Iraqi army.


Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute then puts this question:


ISIS is growing stronger by selling oil among other things.

US response to this is blowing up oil fields and destroying more infrastructure instead of sanctioning oil companies that buy such oil.


Iraqi security forces backed by US-led air airstrikes inspect a destroyed oil field. AP PHOTO

Iraqi security forces backed by US-led air airstrikes inspect a destroyed oil field. AP PHOTO

Swann asks why the US was supplying rebels with anti-aircraft weapons.

Angela Keaton’s fear of the consequence of this has eerily come true after the shooting down of a Russian passenger jet.


Swann tells us this:


Swann reminds us that the US was behind the creation of Al-Qaeda, the chemical weapons supplier to Saddam Hussein and now the creator of Islamic State. You can watch the entire video here.

And here is everything about how Islamic State functions in 11 quick points.

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