TMC – BJP Clashes Intensify In West Bengal

1:10 pm 13 Oct, 2017

Political violence between the cadres of ruling party Trinamool Congress (TMC) and opposition Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) got worse on 11, October when a BJP meeting was stormed and vandalised by TMC supporters.

The stage was completely ravaged in the attack source

A peaceful roadside meeting held by BJP supporters in Harirampur, in South Dinajpur district, turned into a political war zone when TMC supporters jumped on the stage and vandalized the entire area. The unprovoked violence left many BJP supporters injured, who were mercilessly beaten by the intruders.

This is not the first time that such violence has erupted in the eastern part of the state. On July 8, TMC supporters attacked the BJP’s vistarak yatra, killing one person in Chatragach in North Dinajpur. Under political pressure from the ruling party, the entire incident was overlooked and the perpetrators of the violence are yet to be booked.

The stage was completely shattered into pieces source

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee is known for intolerance towards opposition of any kind towards her regime. In 2012, right after she was elected as the chief minister for the first time, she had people opposed to her arrested, which included a professor, for making cartoons of her, or those for simply voicing opposition against her on Facebook.

What is more alarming is that policemen on duty to protect the citizens, on more than one occasion, have acted as mere observers, and worse have behaved like TMC cadres by siding with the rowdy supporters of the ruling party.

Case in point is the vandalism committed on the road meeting, where the policemen did nothing to avert the attack by TMC goons for disrupting a simple meeting called by BJP, or have made any arrests.

In a democracy, dissent is the right of an opposition party, but in West Bengal, it appears, the opposition is being silenced by violent means.

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