BJP MLA Says Adani, Ambani Knew Of Cash Scrap In Advance; Then Says It Was Off The Record

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1:47 pm 17 Nov, 2016

BJP MLA Bhawani Singh Rajawat from Ladpura, Kota in a video has alleged that “Ambani and Adani” had prior knowledge of the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.


The video, which first surfaced on November 16, shows Rajawat talking to few journalists and claiming that top businessmen were given ‘hint’ about the scarp in advance so they could make arrangements.

“Adani, Ambani atram-satram in sab ko pehle hi pata thha. Inko hint de diya gaya. Unhone apna kar liya (Adani, Ambani and others knew it beforehand. They had been given a hint and they made arrangements accordingly),” Rajawat purportedly said in the video.”

The video since its release has gone viral and Rajawat now claims that it was an “off-record” conversation which is now being presented in a“distorted” format.

This is what Rajawat had said,


He further added that he “did not say any of those things” and added that some journalist who had visited his Kota home for a bite on demonetisation “unethically recorded an off-record conversation.”

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