Osama bin Laden’s Sister And Step-mother Dead After Their Plane Crashed Into A Car Auction

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4:30 pm 1 Aug, 2015

The flight-path of the plane  metro

The flight-path of the plane metro


Osama bin Laden’s family owned a Embraer Phenom 300 jet, worth £7 million, through their company Salem Aviation in Jeddah. The plane erupted into a huge fireball after it overshot the runway when it attempted to land at Blackbushe Airport at 3:09 PM yesterday.

Saudia Arabian media carried reports of bin Laden’s sister and step-mother being among the dead.


Plume of smoke rising from the crash metro

Plume of smoke rising from the crash metro


All four people on-board the aircraft, including a Jordanian pilot, died as the jet exploded after it hit the carpark at the British Car Auction. Blackbushe airport, which is a general aviation airport in Hampshire county, has been closed for now.

The jet was usually based in Saudi Arabia but is believed to have been flying from Milan, Italy, where the family has interests.



Osama Bin Laden’s eldest brother Salem, right, died in an aircraft crash while flying in the United States in 1988 peacebenwilliams


A spokesperson for the Saudi Arabian embassy expressed condolences to the bin Laden family. A source stated: ‘Saudi officials are in contact with members of the family. They are aware of the reports and are carrying out checks with members of the family for further information.’

The crash is not believed to have been part of any terrorist activity. Hampshire police have launched a joint investigation with the Air Accidents Investigations Branch.



Osama Bin Laden, circled, lost his father Mohamed and his eldest brother Salem in two plane crashes peacebenwilliams


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