The Annual Camel Festival Of Bikaner, Witnesses A Colourful Turnout

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6:43 pm 12 Jan, 2016

After two days of joyous and fun-filled events, the annual Camel Festival of Bikaner concluded on January 10.



One of the liveliest events that takes place in Rajasthan, the fair witnessed burst of colours with annually held camel decoration and camel dance competitions taking the spotlight.




It started with the traditional army band performance, followed by various camel related competitions including camel fur cutting competition that saw some of Rajastan’s finest artwork.



After an incredible display by camels, the focus moved towards the Ms Marwan and Mr Bikaner competition which saw contestants dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire.


The day then ended with a small Cultural festival followed by a marvellous display of fireworks.



On the second day, there were sports related events like Kho-Kho, Tug of War, Kabaddi and wrestling matches.




The friendly sport competitions went on throughout the day and the festival then concluded with awesome display of fire dance and fireworks going into the night.


The annual event is exclusively dedicated to camels as they are one of the biggest source of livelihood and transport in Rajasthan.


Every year in January, a huge number of tourists from across the globe visit Bikaner to witness this festival which has a huge significance for the people of Rajasthan.



The festival had started hundreds of years back when there were no automobiles and camels were the only source of transport for the people of Rajasthan.

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