The Bihar Govt Has Implemented The Odd-Even Rule, But It Is Not For Pollution

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8:48 pm 10 Feb, 2016

In the run up to the Bihar Assembly Elections last year, CM Nitish Kumar boasted:

“Modi ji talks about smart cities. I will make the villages in Bihar so smart, they will not even look at your smart cities, Modi ji.”


Bihar Praise


Perhaps the first step in that direction was the implementation of the Odd-Even policy. The policy, as everyone in Delhi experienced first hand, was part of a strategy to curb air pollution by rationing of vehicular movement.

But Bihar is Bihar. And if the world works in one direction, you should expect the state to work in another.

So, instead of the roads, the Bihar Government implemented the policy in schools.

A report tells us that government schools in the state are being run either in different shifts or on alternate days. Some of these have different timings for boys and girls.

What this means is that boys come to the school on one day and girls on the other; something like Monday, Wednesday and Friday for boys and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for girls.

What’s the reason? Inadequate infrastructure; there is shortage of rooms for the thousands of students.

Nitish’s dialogue might have given you high expectations from the state…until you explore the reality.

This slider illustrates our point.



And then your reaction is this:


odd even gif vijay raaz



Teachers say the “Odd-Even” system is fine. Kejriwal must be thumping his chest.


Odd Even


Understanding how the Bihar Government functions is like solving the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. But no worries, they have Prashant Kishor.

Prashant, who? The man behind the success of Narendra Modi in 2014 and Nitish Kumar in 2015! He now holds a cabinet berth in the Secular Alliance government. He is a master at numbers and is the only victor in the battle between BJP and the party’s opponents – the Odds and the Evens.




Bihar still has hope left.

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