Now You Can’t Take Gutka Or Pan Masala In Bihar Because Nitish Has Banned Them

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4:18 pm 21 May, 2016

It seems Bihar is going all out to promote healthy habits. After liquor ban, CM Nitish Kumar’s government has now cracked down on gutka and pan masala manufactures.

The Bihar government issued an order that has not only banned sale of tobacco products, but also banned its distribution, storage and publicity.


Representational Image DNA

Representational Image DNA

The government order was issued on May 20, which also authorised officials to conduct raids and inspections of the tobacco houses and allowed them to take action against those found flouting government guidelines.

The ban, for now, will remain effective for one year and will apply to all edible items having tobacco content, be it  packaged or unpackaged.


With this move the government aims at preventing the deterioration of public health, but it will hit the interests of many small businessmen and vendors in Bihar.


Representational Image The Hindu

Representational Image The Hindu

Earlier this year the Bihar government had also banned sale and consumption of liquor in towns and cities and made it clear that no alcohol can be legally consumed in all of Bihar, including in bars and restaurants.


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