22 Hilarious ‘Bigg Boss’ Memes Tell You How The Game Was Played So Far

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6:36 pm 20 Jan, 2016

‘Bigg Boss 9’ is all about bitchy fights and dirty games. But sadly, this is all our audience is interested in. The show has no relevant format and is entertaining people with its stupid tasks and fake arguments. In the end, what matters is the money and TRP.

As this stupid yet popular show is about to end, we are here to tell you how the ‘Bigg Boss’ game was played inside and who really won.


1. Mandana actually did nothing and mastered the art of arguing unnecessarily.

download (24)


download (25)

download (26)


2. Prince betrayed his sister when it mattered. 


download (10)

capture 7


3. Rimi Sen just came to earn money.

download (11)

download (12)



4. Prince had fallen in love in so many fake ways.


download (13)

download (14)


5. Rochelle and Keith reached the end because they played together.

download (16)

download (17)

download (18)



6. Suyyash looked absent the entire season.

download (20)

funny-indian-pictures-2 (1)


7. Wild card entries had no spark.

download (23)


8. But standing ovation for…


download (21)


Well played, contestants.


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