Say Goodbye To These 20 Things As 2015 Comes To A Close

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12:00 pm 13 Dec, 2015

By the end of each year, we become a bit wiser than before. All thanks to the new experiences we have over a span of 365 days. Friends come and go; jobs, houses, and roommates change. Essentially, nothing remains the same!

2015 – You’ve truly been a roller coaster ride for us. It’s now time to detox our mind and body of any negative feelings and experiences we may have gathered over this past year. Don’t know what it is you need to give up? Here’s a list of things we feel need to be dropped before welcoming 2016.

1. Say goodbye to any negative feelings you bore during the past year.

You might have felt hopeless and unhappy, but it could be the beginning of something new and better.

Be positive and have faith.


2. Did something embarrassing? Forget it and move on.

We all laugh about the embarrassing things we did as kids, why should it be any different now that we are adults?

Accept them, laugh about them and move on.


3. Be thankful for all the happiness this year brought and bury the sorrow, tears and pain before welcoming the New Year.

Remember, many people out there are destitute and miserable; be grateful for the life you have.


4. Filter your friend list, say goodbye to those who give you little or no importance.


5. Leave behind the bad moments and losses (emotional and monetary), and look forward to the New Year with excitement.

Let’s clap and celebrate the possibility of something new.


6. Remember the old saying, promises are meant to be broken? It’s OK if you broke some promises in 2015.

In 2016, promise you won’t make promises anymore.


7. Don’t feel guilty about your failures, take the New Year as a new opportunity to make things happen.

Understand that life can be chaotic and you can get caught up in middle of it.

It’s ok to relax and look forward to better things in the coming year.


8. Hurt by people’s remarks? Forgive them and tell them to go to hell.

Just like you’d filter friends, filter out anyone who criticizes you out of jealousy or simply to put you down.


9. How painful is failed love? Let it go, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea, waiting for you. WINK WINK

Stop missing them; stop waiting for their call or messages. Basically, erase them from your mind and look for someone new, who appreciates and loves you.


10. Stop worrying about the things you couldn’t do in 2015.

Plan more prudently in 2016. You have another year to make your plans work.


11. It’s time to become less obsessed with your gadgets and social media websites.

Don’t give it up completely, but detox your system by taking a break from your phones, laptops and tablets; spend time with nature instead.


12. Stop taking your weaknesses too seriously. No one is perfect – Jump and celebrate who you are!


13. Remind yourself – life’s too short to hold grudges against anyone or feel bitter.


14. Please stop being a tragedy “King” or “Queen.” Pledge to face your problems head-on.


15. Don’t think you’re good enough? Don’t change yourself, change how you think.

It’s a trap, break it!


16. Stop waiting for approval, start believing in yourself and the things you can do.

Trust yourself; you are doing great!


17. It’s no use waiting for the time to be right. You have to make time right with your efforts.


18. Make time for hobbies and interests this year. They keep you happy and healthy.

Painting, music, travel, writing, anything that you’ve been waiting to do, should be done this upcoming year.


19. Stop bargaining your dreams for others, start living for yourself first.


20. Lastly, welcome the New Year with arms wide open.

And scream with joy.


Happy New Year!


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