Bet You Didn’t Know About These 8 Benefits Of Miswak

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7:00 am 13 Sep, 2014

The “chewing stick” is what the Westerners have coined it. We are today talking about ‘Miswak or Siwak,’ the twig which is used by millions of people, especially by Muslims to brush their teeth. Chewing a twig first thing in the morning might sound like an alien concept for most, but you will surely change your mind once you read the benefits. All over the globe studies are being conducted to discover the inherent properties of Miswak. But we can say one thing definitely that Miswak is better than your toothbrush. It can easily be called the wonder twig and can also be classified as an alternative medicine option. Some of the oldest civilizations in this world have documented for the use of Miswak twigs for oral hygiene. In fact, Muslims have been directed by their Prophet to sue Miswak, as a mandatory sunnah.

Let’s read more about its benefits –

8. Miswak Is Loaded With Natural Nutrients

For those of you of you who are keen to join the Go Green Revolution, this is your perfect opportunity. Switch to Miswak! The quantity of fluorine is two times more than your normal toothpaste. It also has traces of silicon, Vitamin C, trimethylamine and salvadorine. This twig is full with nature’s bounties and also has loads of sodium chloride, potassium, sodium bi-carbonate and other oxides of calcium.

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

7. Your Enamel Will Love the Small Packages Of Boosters

All these mentioned ingredients together help in strengthening the enamel. The bark also contains an antibiotic that disables the bacteria from growing and limits the plaque formation too. Studies have proven that regular use of Miswak provides protection against gingivitis, carcinogenic bacteria and plaque. The naturally found resins and mild abrasives whiten the teeth.

Bet You Didn’t Know About These 8 Benefits Of Miswak

6. Natures Gift For Smokers And Coffee Lovers

People who use Miswak never complain of bad breathand stained teeth. Regular usage removes stains of tobacco, tea and coffee. The important thing is to a make it a way of life.

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

5. Better Than Any Designer Toothbrush

If you’re thinking that how will a twig reachall those nooks and corners, then read on. The Miswak twig can reach all places in the mouth, better thana normal toothbrush. Andwhile it cleans the teeth, it also massages the gums.

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

4. How To Use Your Miswak Correctly

Inorder to garner maximum benefits from your Miswak stick learn to use it correctly. Remove your Miswak twig form the package and trim one end or better still chew the bark off. Take off about half an inch. Now start chewing on this end till the twig is converted into bristles. Now keep brushing like you do with a brush. But instead of going up and down, go right to left. In a matter of few seconds a wave of freshness will hit you like a bang. Inspect your magic twig after every few days and if it starts resembling a broom then it’s time to take another bite.

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

3. Where Does This Chewing Twig Originate

Miswak is made from twigs of the trees Arak or Peelu. Some regions also make them with olive and walnut trees. According to Islamic literature, there are almost 70 benefits of using Miswak daily. Civilizations in Babylonia were also using it more than 7000 years ago. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all have records dating back to centuries.

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

2. Get Into The Habit Of Miswak

Yes it tastes different form your peppermint flavored gel toothpaste, but remember when you switch to Miswak, you save the cost of toothpaste for life as you won’t need to buy one ever again. It is often been said that if you use Miswak for 30 days ina row you will surely get into a habit of it. Take the first step and reap the goodness for life.

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

1. It Has Other Lesser Known Benefits Too

Don’t make the mistake of treating it as a replacement toothbrush. Did you know that it enhances the memory, is a remedy for headaches, is a trigger for teeth to sparkle, improves your eye sight, improves your digestion, builds your appetite, makes you intelligent and also improves your eloquence. Do you still need more convincing?

You Didn’t Know About These Benefits Of Miswak

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