10 Perks Of Being Best Friends With A Marwari

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10:00 am 6 Jan, 2016

We all have that one Marwari friend in our group who we can connect with really well and can turn to whenever required. Having a Marwari best friend has its pros and cons. Here are 10 perks of having a Marwari best friend:


1. You will always have something delicious to eat because when it comes to eating delicious food, no one can beat Marwaris.



2. There can be situations when you are short of money and in those situations, your Marwari friends will always be there to help you out.

Rich Marwari Friend


3. You will have more friends than you need because a Marwari friend brings others along too.

Marwari Friend


4. If you ever seek a job or want to work, your Marwari friends will ensure you will have one to keep you busy.

Marwari Friend


5. You will have numerous festivals to celebrate if you befriend a Marwari friend.


6. If you have ever wanted to learn Marwari, you can always turn up to your Marwari friend.

Marwari Friend


7. You never know if the girl you are dating turns out to be a cousin of one of your Marwari friends because, after all, they are Marwari.

Marwari Friend


8. Your Marwari best friend will always ensure you are never alone during the hard times in your life.

Marwari Best Friend

9. If you think making new connections is a difficult job, then your Marwari friend is the best person to learn this skill from.

Marwari best friend


10. Last but not the least, your Marwari friend will be the most open-minded person you will ever meet in your life.

Marwari Friend


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