When You Have A Best Friend Turned Boyfriend, Life Is Wonderful

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6:23 pm 28 Jan, 2016

People believe in making their better halves or loved ones their friends first, as many believe it’s good to be friends for a healthy bond. But some people are really blessed as their best friends become their ‘THE ONE’. In most cases, girls are very moody and selective in their relationships. But they become the blessed ones when their best friends become their boyfriends.

If your best friend has become your boyfriend:

You just can’t stay mad with each other for long.

Because you want to share your anger with your best friend and he is your best friend.


There is nothing called awkward zone between you both, you don’t need any zone like that!

You both can say anything to each other without thinking twice. No, awkward conversations or moments will sour your relationship.


You both can read each others mind. As you know what the other one is thinking.

Yes, those shocking moments when you both say the exact same thing together occur quite often.


You both just need each other and no one else.

When two are together, your life has everything: love, friendship, sex … what more can you ask for?


This habit made you a bit anti- social!

You both like to hang out together. Either you attend parties and functions together or just chuck them to spend time together. Your friends complain a lot about both.


You both just can’t lie to each other no matter how much you try.

You both know each other so well that lying is impossible. The other one will surely catch you if you even try to hide something from them.


Your relationship is not about few shared interests and hobbies.

You have so many things in common… favorite movies, shows, games and many more.


You don’t care about your looks when you are with him.

He has seen you in every worst way possible. Hence, now you just don’t worry about dressing up when he is around. But you leave him mesmerized when you specially dress for him.


You are the ideal couple for everyone!

Everyone around you is jealous of your relationship and want a bond like yours. You set #RelationshipGoals for them.


You guys don’t stop playing pranks on each other.

You are not like lovey-dovey couples. You guys are besties firsts and hence you don’t stop playing with each other. April fool pranks still exist between you two!


You know how blessed you are!

Yes, blessed because he understands you the most. He handles you during your mood swings and he knows what makes you the happiest. You have the love of your life whom nobody can’t replace.

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