20 Signs That Show Your Best Friend Is Like Phoebe Buffay

12:00 pm 17 Jul, 2015

Is your best friend’s first love music? Is she the most honest person you know? Is your best friend charming and has a smile to die for? Then you sure have a best friend like Phoebe Buffay. She is someone you love spending time with and being around as she simply is so much fun. So here’s a list of 20 signs that show your best friend is like Phoebe Buffay.

1. She doesn’t care what people think of her. She does what she wants to.


2. She is superstitious. Her funda is everything in this world has a logic.


3. She can go crazy, very very crazy!


4. She loves animals. She can die for them. Dare not to show your shiny leather shoes in front of her!


5. Boys get impressed with her charm and vibrant attitude! It’s not a big deal for her to date a cute guy.


6. She cannot live without music. Her life is made of strings.


7. She is fickle-minded. Switching from one thing to another is her natural quality.


8. She is not scared of anyone, she will also give the best warnings ever!


9. She will surprise you with her hidden stuff often. You never know what new will pop up.


10. She is quirky and weird but in an adorable way.


11. She loves her friends no matter what happens.


12. She can sense a lie immediately. Her sixth sense is the best.


13. She is a true vegan.


14. She has had a hundred problems in the past but she walks with a big smile always.


15. Her shoulder is always ready when you are in trouble.


16. She is a master of jobs. Give her the tiniest job and she will give her best always!


17. She is sensitive. Sometimes she will be angry with you because of an extremely small thing you did!


18. Her smile will make anyone fall for her!


19. She loves the small things in life. For her, life is all about the little things god has blessed us with.


20. She cannot lie. She is frank as hell!



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