Best 5 Linux Distros Generally Used

9:09 am 6 Aug, 2013

 This Article provides you helpful list of various Linux Distros generally used. They have the capability to cement your confidence in them by providing fully advanced features. With their top class structure and professionalism, Topyaps is  presenting Best 5 Linux Distros. Have a look:-

5. Fedora:

Fedora has finally included its new feature GRUB 2 after getting driven by its primal instincts towards its aim. It also comes with the latest Kernel from 3.1 series to provide you different experience.

Best 5 Linux Distros Generally Used

4. Linux Mint:

Its Contribution as well as distribution has brought Linux Mint with so much popularity in this world. It includes softwares like  Linux kernel 3.0, GNOME 3.2, Ubuntu 11.10. After curbing all its minor leaps and bounds,  it now comes with an updated new fresh visual.

Best 5 Linux Distros Generally Used

3. OpenSUSE:

After grabbing all the attention of people for good reasons OpenSUSE has become famous for all the positive reasons. It is associated with best features that includes Installer and Yast Control Centre. It provides you an easy installation graphical wizard to ease your access.

Best 5 Linux Distros Generally Used

2. Debian:

As you apparently look down towards the useful features of various Linux Distros, here comes the Debian with a hallmark that offers you an excessive features that takes you up to another level. Due to its availability in large numbers it has come up with FreeBSD Kernel rather then  Linux Kernel. 

Best 5 Linux Distros Generally Used

1. Ubuntu:

Ubuntu is one of the most famous general used Linux Distros that comes with fully advanced features to roll you up with unique experience.

Best 5 Linux Distros Generally Used





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