Best 3 Cydia Tweaks For Messaging/Keyboard

6:06 am 29 Jun, 2013

Here comes the top 3  free marvelous messaging/keyboard tweaks with enhanced smileys to chit-chat with your friends, specially launched for audience who spend most of  their time doing sms. Have a look:-

3. BiteSMS:

BiteSMS is the best application provided by cydia for text messaging. You can instantly reply to any calls and text without closing any applications. It comes with various cools smileys, messages techniques which will make your device usage more smooth.

Best 3 Cydia Tweeks For Messaging/Keyboard

2. Manual Correct:

Cydia gives you this amazing application with all the features for improving your written text by manually auto-correcting it and improving. That means you will be able to get rid of your old iOS auto correction feature and manual correct will give you better assets as compare to your default auto-corrector.

Best 3 Cydia Tweeks For Messaging/Keyboard

1. SMS Confirmation:

SMS confirmation is totally free of use and it gives you a basic confirmation message whenever you send any text/sms to someone as well as it will not go over to the sender without your confirmation.

Best 3 Cydia Tweeks For Messaging/Keyboard

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