Best 12 News Reading Apps For iPad

11:35 am 15 Jul, 2013

Here are some of the best selected News Reading Apps for iPad/iPhone that will attract you with its highly astonishing collections for their audience. Have a look and enjoy your time:-

12. BBC News:

Get the latest updated news from all across the globe with network of more than 2000 journalist. You can easily watch and listen all the breaking news by push notifications and many features that comes in it.

News Reading Apps For iPad

11. Reeder:

Its one of the coolest and awesome feed reader of google made for iPad. With superb services it has become one of the favorite news feed reader for users for their iPhone/iPad.

News Reading Apps For iPad

10. Mobile RSS HD:

It is built and designed specially for iPad and iPhone. You will get all the functionality of this application within at your fingertips. You can share and downlaod your interest of content easily.

News Reading Apps For iPad

9. Flipboard:

This is your own personal customized magazine to catch and share astonishing things that you have never seen or want to discover for your knowledge. It will give you all the excerpts and headlines to take an instant look at the world around you.

News Reading Apps For iPad

8. Zite:

It is one of the unusual amazing magazine that is built to provide you with all the latest discoveries, events, and articles to keep you updated. It covers almost all the unique and different topics to cover all the highlights.

News Reading Apps For iPad

7. Taptu News:

They have come up with highly advanced features and exploration with their creations, discoveries and chunk of articles wide across the globe. A social news aggregator that aims at exploring beyond their capabilities.

News Reading Apps For iPad

6. Comics:

Comics is one of the top earning app in iPad/iPhone. Have a new experience to read thousands of comics along with their fabulous graphics from their largest digital comic library.

News Reading Apps For iPad

5. Stanza:

It is one of the most favorite eBook reader of almost all the users of iPad. You can easily download all the digital publictions of your interest and enjoy this app.

News Reading Apps For iPad

4. Kindle:

If you are a book worm and read everything that comes your way than this might be your best suitable application. It offers you high resolution images with thousands of books from Kindle store.

News Reading Apps For iPad

3. Pulse News:

Pulse News is a popular newsreader app that will help you to experience different blogs , news, latest trends articles and many more. Experience this app once you will enjoy a lot.

 News Reading Apps For iPad

2. iBooks:

ibooks offers you to read books from its store and as well as you can buy them. Its gives you a beautiful pleasing way to read books and feel great.

 News Reading Apps For iPad

1. Zinio:

It brings thousands of digital magazines from all over the world with its attractive collection to win your hearts.

 News Reading Apps For iPad

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