Despite Modifications By All Conquerors From 1650 Onward, Bekal Fort Still Guards Kerela’s Coast

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5:47 pm 24 Aug, 2016

Not much is known about the beginnings of Bekal Fort, but researchers say that the fort was most likely built up from the sea since around three fourths of its exterior is drenched and waves constantly lash against it citadel.

The fort was built by Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore in 1650 CE to better protect the port town of Bekal in Kasaragod district of Kerala. After that, its maritime importance increased under each new rule. After the defeat of the Nayakas by Haider Ali, Bekal Fort came under the Mysore kings. It went on to become an important military station of Tipu Sultan during his Malabar expedition.

Bekal Fort Kerala


While other forts built by the Ikkeri Nayakas have fallen, Bekal Fort continues to watch over Kerela’s shores. The observation port built by Tipu Sultan is no longer used to track enemy movements but it does offer a spectacular view of the coastline.

Currently in the care of the Archaeological Survey of India, the fort is being promoted as a tourist spot. Its water tank up a flight of steps is a favorite with visitors. Its winding road, which was made to deter approaching enemy troops is now pleasant winding walk. Bekal Fort also has underground passages and hideaways inside its 40-acre area.


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