These Illustrations Prove That Being A Mom Is A Mountainous Challenge

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5:00 pm 31 Dec, 2015

You read about the pain girls go through in their everyday life in All Females Out There Can Relate To These 16 Funny Illustrations. But it becomes more challenging when they become mothers.

People think she is marrying not to be with her someone special but to increase country’s population.

Guests want a baby the very next day of marriage. #ItTakesTime! and the moment she plans and gets one, people ask for another. Yaar chahate kya ho?


She takes the pain of looking fat and spoils her well-maintained figure.

She knows that she looks fat, but please say she isn’t whenever she inquires you about how she looks! It will give her relief.


Even if she has become a mother, she definitely requires her own mother’s help to handle certain things.

Because mothers knows best!


All she thinks it is to provide her baby more comfort.


In doing so, she gives up her own hobbies and freedom.

all for her child!


She struggles to get some peace and time for herself.


And even a short span of freedom gives her immense happiness!


But her priority remains same, she think and speak about her child all the time.


No matter what she liked before, she started adjusting with the way her baby is.



No matter how much painful she finds being a mother to be…


She never stops loving her kiddo!


And you won’t disagree if I say that she knows her child the best!


She learns her child’s habits to become his/her friend!


And it become way too difficult for her when papa acts just like her baby.


No matter how much complex she might appear to her child, believe it the child has given her some hard times.


And tested her patience too many times.


In between she acts like a multi-tasker.


And she wonders why her child started finding her interfering when she was just being a ‘Mother’!


Friends, all a mother wants is the love of her child because her emotion and connection with them is unconditional. So no matter how many people you find in your life who claims to love you the most, they can definitely never compete with your mother. Love her, respect her, spend time with her and thank her for whatever she did for you. Because once she is gone you will only be left with her memories.

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