Beijing Says US Stuck With ‘Cold War Mentality’ Following Pentagon Report On China’s Military

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6:25 pm 16 May, 2016

China is furious about Pentagon’s annual report in which the US defence department stated that Beijing has increased troops along its border with India.

Beijing accused the United States of harbouring a “cold war” mentality.

In a written response to PTI, Beijing stated that India and China are “wise and capable enough” to handle the boundary dispute issue amicably and peacefully.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing is committed to “safeguarding peace and tranquility” along the Indo-China border.

Without naming the US, the Chinese Foreign Ministry told Washington to “respect efforts” made by China and India in settling the border row and not indulge in creating tensions.

The state run China Daily quotes a spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense saying that the Pentagon has a habit of playing up the cliché of a “China military threat” and “opacity of Chinese military capability”.


The spokesman said the report, which also commented on how China was boosting its military presence in other countries, was “improper talk”.

“(It) wantonly distorted China’s national defense policy and the legal activities in the East and South China seas,” said the spokesman.

The ministry also warned that Washington should not engage in activities that deal a long-term damage to China-US relations.

Though the Chinese Defence Ministry said that Pentagon has misrepresented China’s military development, it did not comment on the increased military presence along India border.

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