Kiran Rao’s Next, ‘Begum Aapa’, Being Kept Completely Under Wraps

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4:22 pm 5 Jul, 2016

After her 2011 directorial debut, ‘Dhobi Ghat’, Kiran Rao is now working on ‘Begum Aapa’ somewhere in the bowels of Mumbai.


The cast of ‘Begum Aapa’ is rumored to have been made to sign non-disclosure agreements, and not a word is being spoken about the movie. All we do know, is the movie’s name, its director’s name, and the fact that director’s hubby might do a cameo in the movie. Probably!

The kind of secrecy being maintained about the project would make you think she’s a mad scientist, developing the next life-altering, world-ending formula.


These movie people are freaking insane! Some crave the limelight so much that they turn into attention whores, and then there are those who go to the other extreme! Ekh! WhatEVER!


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