Here’s Why You Should Begin Your Career With A Startup

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8:00 pm 28 Aug, 2015

Vaibhav, a UPES graduate, chose to reject his grad placement offer from Infosys for an opportunity at a start-up. He says, ”It was a risk v/s reward situation; but the rewards definitely overshadowed the risks.”

Vaibhav is not alone. There are numerous graduates today who prefer to work at a start-up rather than a multinational giant. Why? Are bean bags, free food, and walk-in-whenever the only reasons why it’s appealing? Or is there more to it?

Here are some career-defining reasons to why singing the start-up tune is the right thing to do, right now!

You can graze a larger field

You are never restricted to one field. You can go out, don multiple hats and literally get your hands dirty. Irrespective of the field you are in (tech, journalism, finance, management or whatever) you are given the space to try different things. Being at a nascent stage of your career, it really helps to give you the scope of experimenting and tasting different pallets.

You attitude matters more than your aptitude

When Zomato’s co-founder Deepinder Goyal was asked in his Reddit session what he looks for in candidates, his straight away answer was, “Attitude, not aptitude”. Start-ups do not follow traditional educational system. For them, you are more than your academic performance. You are your attitude, ethic, honesty and, most importantly, passion.

You can bag an envious job title

There is a set hierarchy by which multinationals work at and it takes you a considerable time to reach a certain position. As Vaibhav puts it, “I was offered the profile of a ‘UX Developer’ which in an MNC would have taken at least five years. This obviously is a good head start.” For the start yes, the pay might not be GREAT but eventually once you find your ground, you’ll be much better off than your folks at the corporate.

You are given the deserving creative freedom

You can put in your ideas, make a product and literally see it going LIVE. It’s not possible in a corporate where you generally need approval at every stage. There’s independence of creativity and people respect your ideas rather than ridiculing you as ‘just a fresher’.


Talking of experienced mentoring

You need to be wise when you choose a start-up. Yes, a start-up won’t hire you till you are extraordinary, considering their lack of surplus expense and need of true gems. But, you too need to have an eye for the kind of mentors you’d be working for. Mostly, these are experienced individuals with an astounding vision of a credible empire. Naturally, these visionaries would have some credibility to back them. Rely on it and you will be able to learn a LOT.

You can chill the work

Yes, you can actually chill your work. Relax! As mentioned above, startups do not follow hierarchy. You could totally be seated next to the CEO and be discussing your wacky ideas. Respect or ethics are not weighed by the number of times you put ‘Sir’ in a conversation. It’s casual. There are no dress codes to judge your commitment to your work. Timings do not matter, only the output does. You feel at ease when you discover that you are considered as an integral part of the team, not just “a valuable employee”.


You are willing to walk the extra mile

You don’t need to slog, you can enjoy your work too. A start-up will teach you that for sure. The combined zest and passion of the team can motivate you to walk that extra mile. Each day is a challenge in a start-up. You are not here to just maintain or provide support, you are here to build. And the process in itself is exciting enough.


It’s fun, exciting and greatly rewarding. You don’t need to be at a BIG place to make a BIG impact. Choose the less traveled path and find your vision here. You have more space to grow and enrich yourself.

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