This Chennai Beggar Begs To Provide Better Education To Poor Kids

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5:04 pm 19 Aug, 2015

Most of us think that all beggars beg for themselves, which is why we often see them with a disdain reserved for the lowliest in the society. But there is one beggar in Chennai who begs for the better future of the underprivileged children of his locality.


R Selvaraj, 76, got afflicted by polio when he was young.

Polio and financial problems made life difficult for him, but the Selvaraj never gave up hope and studied till he completed his graduation in Economics.

However, in spite of receiving proper education, Selvaraj, who initially worked as a cycle mechanic, was forced to give up his job due to ill health.

His poor health forced him out of opportunities and into the cruel hands of begging.

Though begging was his only way of survival, Selvaraj thought of the underprivileged children in his locality – children who financially struggled to afford proper education  – and decided to beg to help them.


Incapacitated by polio, Selvraj frequently travels on the buses plying between Madurai and Tirupattur to beg for some financial aid for the underprivileged kids.

This act of benevolence in turn gives Selvaraj immense satisfaction. By his own admission:

“If a student wants a bag, I try to get it. When I do such an act, it gives me immense satisfaction.”

In this day and age where people lie through their teeth, it is very difficult to find a man like R. Selvaraj, who gives up even the very little that he has for the benefit of the others.


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