This Beggar Speaks Fluent English, But It Is The Message That The Government Should Listen To

3:20 pm 19 Jun, 2017

He dreams of fixing a broken dream. He wants to pick up the trodden few of our society and make them smile.

It is astounding to see a beggar making a powerful argument in fluent English. His vision is not caged by social traditions, he paints his own canvas and encourages the youth of today.

He mentions a statement from book Sociology of India which reads: “India is a rich country where poor people live; if India is a rich country then how are poor people living here?”. It indeed is an irony.


This beggar makes a strong argument in favor of creation of government jobs for all. YouTube

We are living in a country where we have literate beggars and illiterate politicians. He is demanding that as per the constitution, the general citizens should have the power to use their fundamental rights and unemployed youth should be selected in government jobs and more vacancies should be created to cater most of the educated people.



He emphasises on the fact that public has the main voting power and without their support, there will be no formation of new government. It is a need that all sections are given an opportunity where they can raise their standards for a better living and not end up as a beggar, especially in a democratic nation such as India where people from varied backgrounds and culture reside.

The beggar urges senior officers in the government departments to note that instead of worrying about their position, they should rather think of promoting fresh talent who will add laurels in years to come.

Such is our country India where visionaries are born rarely! So watch this visionary speak:

Not governed by prejudices of society, proving that there is no age of learning, this beggar was discovered by Dipak Kumar Singh, who runs ‘D-WORLD EXPLORER’ — a YouTube channel, at Chittaranjan railway station in West Bengal.

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