According To This Study, Your Beard Can Save You From Delhi’s Toxic Pollution

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4:50 pm 7 Nov, 2016

It’s not just a No-Shave November asking you to keep your manhood held high with that beard, but Delhi’s choking air pollution too. Bizarre?



Yes! According to a study, in the mid-Victorian period, doctors prescribed men to wear beards as a means to ward off illness and common ailments such as sore throat since they were thought to act as natural air filters. A thick beard, it was reasoned, would capture the impurities before they could get inside the body.


Apparently, beards were not that prevalent before the mid-1800’s of Victorian era. Safety razors had arrived in the 1700 and all the rage of clean-shaven faces had picked up.

By mid-Victorian period, however, beard came back into fashion. The period known as the age of exploration, of hunters, climbers, and explorers caused a change in the ideals of masculinity and people started to imitate the great explorers and adventurers who were known to have beards.



So, now that all the smoke in the air post Diwali is already choking your lungs out, grow a beard, man!


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