BBC India Dubs Terrorists Who Attacked Dinanagar As ‘Rebels’

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3:40 pm 28 Jul, 2015

BBC India made an egregious goof up of epic proportions by tweeting that the terrorists who attacked Dinanagar town in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district were “rebels”.



The tweet earned the ire of Twiteratti who promptly responded to BBC callous way of reporting. BBC has not taken down the tweet.



According to authorities, the terrorists came from Pakistan. BBC India’s “rebels” reference not only puts the blame on India but also insults the peace-loving people of the country. BBC should know that this was not a Naxalite attack.


Early on Monday, three terrorists attacked the town of Dinanagar killing at least 7 people, including Superintendent of Police (Detective) Baljit Singh. The terrorists were gunned in an operation lasting 11 hours.


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