7 Ways Color Contact Lenses Can Make Him Fall For You This Valentine’s Day

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12:38 pm 9 Feb, 2016

Eyes speak the language of love in words that are otherwise never heard or said. They are a window to your soul and express your emotions in the most powerful, yet subtle, way. This Valentine’s Day, your eyes would hold the power to make your guy fall for you. So, all the ladies, light up your eyes and make this Valentine’s Day your most cherished one!


1.You talk with your eyes first and then start to converse.

Those intense and sudden stares ignite a flare of chemistry and interest in each other. Replace your shyness with sweet glances! Using color lenses will add to the persona of your eyes and it is guaranteed to cast a spell on your crush.


2. You can carry your charm with confidence and grace.

Spectacles made you look like a nerd, and your crazy side is suppressed by your boring everyday look. So, throw those spectacles in the bin and show the real side of you to everyone.


3. ‘Say Hello To New You’ with color lenses to cast a spell on your crush.

Color lenses add the instant magical transformation to your persona, like nothing else does!

‘Say Hello to the New You’ with Lacelle Color lenses, and all those guys will be falling weakly on their knees with your new, mesmerizing look!

Say hello to the new you with 36 different shades and patterns of Lacelle Color lenses.

Posted by Bausch + Lomb on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


5. Leave no stone unturned to match that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

You have already matched the shoes, the bag, the hairstyle and the mascara with your Valentine’s Day dress. Now go that extra mile to accessorize your eyes with the eye color that matches your Valentine’s Day attire.


6. Before that intimate kiss, eyes make those nervous moments more intense and passionate.

Before he bends to kiss those steamy lips, the color of your eyes will make him want you more. And you never know, the appeal of your eyes might make that first kiss the best one.


7. Your glittering eyes will make your face shine like the moon.

Color contact lenses help in giving that extra glow to your face. Wouldn’t that tempt your crush?



So go ahead, make your eyes attract love this Valentine’s Day! And what better way than using Bausch + Lomb Lacelle color contact lenses? There are 36 different shades and patterns to choose from!

To see how these lenses look on you, download the Lacelle Android app for free and Say Hello to the New You!

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