These 10 Sentences That Indian Girls Say Are Just Completely Stupid

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8:00 pm 25 Mar, 2015

1. “She’s a real C-word”

What the hell is that? So you don’t mind sitting around gossiping, spreading rumors and being a general bitch, but somehow abuses won’t cross your lips. You’re a chutiya.

2. “We’ve done the rest but no sex abhi

So as long as the hymen is intact, you’re one pious bharitya nari. What does it matter if you’ve done everything else in the world but vaginal sex, you’re so holy. Right.

3. “I know all about her/him, but I won’t say anything”

This one is really lovely because you get to plant a hundred wrong ideas in people’s minds without actually saying anything. Later, when hell breaks loose, you’ll be blameless.

4. “Woh to modern/behnji hai

There’s this divide between hip and not-so-hip girls, and that barrier is bloody hard to cross. If someone does try to cross it, others will be quick to mention the divide.

5. “I’m not like that. I have values”

Honey, everybody has values; their values are just different from yours. If you think badly of them, they might also be thinking badly of you. So come down to earth, will ya?

6. “She must have done something”

Every time we hear of a girl being molested/raped, some bitch says this, and this is one of the most annoying things ever. You’ve done something too idiot; you’ve blamed the victim.

7. “Excuse me! I had it first”

When it comes to bargain shopping, some girls are like Gollum. They’ll fight over dresses and tees and would rather jump into fiery pits than let it go.

8. “Yaar, bolna to banta tha

Often when girls become ‘bold’, they choose to harass other girls. So if someone is different from them, they will hound her worse than any boy would. So much for girl power.

9. “She/He is too Indian to carry that off”

Are we now going to use our national identity as an abuse? Maybe she/he doesn’t have the figure or face or style to carry it off, but please don’t blame it on being Indian.

10. “Achcha nahi lagta hai. Ask some guy to do it”

Doing your own work should not look bad to you. It’s better to be independent than dependent; it’s worse if the guy you ask for help gets ideas on how he wants to be repaid.

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