3Kg Cauliflower For 1Kg Fish: Barter System Back In Indian Villages After Currency Ban

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1:31 pm 15 Nov, 2016

People are facing a lot of trouble after the currency ban. But, Indian villagers seem to be traveling back in time. After facing so much money crisis they have started the barter system to fulfill their daily needs. People of Indian villages have come up with this humanitarian idea to survive this time of crisis.



According to them, PM Modi has taken a bold step against black money and corruption, all they want to do is support him and cooperate till things become normal.

Pradeep Oraon, former village head of Banari in Gumla said that shopkeepers are giving things on credit as they trust their fellow villagers,

Shopkeepers are allowing credit to the known because they are aware of the cash crunch and understand that their money is safe.

Many are even exchanging commodities. Some are giving homegrown vegetables to get other necessary things from the market.

Dinu Mahto of Boreya village says,

Instead of going to the market to sell our vegetables, we decided to give it to our shopkeeper and in return got some mustard oil and spices.



People are coming forward to help each other. Humanity has taken over in the time of crisis. Parameshwar Deen of Uttar Pradesh’s Madhopur village, who managed to withdraw 4000 rupees after standing for hours in a long queue, gave his money to Surya Prakash who was not able to withdraw or exchange any money for his daughter’s wedding.



People are facing a lot of trouble as well as losses while exchanging their money. Many are even walking miles in search of banks and ATMs.

Sarpanch Jeshu Senma says,

Many villagers are walking 12km to reach the nearest bank branch in Sanand town. This is the time to look after the crop; daily wagers are losing precious days to get some money to survive.

Demonetization has created a crisis for people but humanity has taken over and people are coming together to help each other. It definitely is a huge step against corruption and PM Modi himself has asked people to wait for a mere 50 days.

People are trying their best and are expecting to see a huge change in India. We all hope that this step by the PM will help to abolish corruption.


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