Bangladesh To Share Dossier Of ‘Missing Youths’ With India To Jointly Fight Cross-Border Terrorism

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6:15 pm 15 Jul, 2016

According to Bangladeshi newspaper Dhaka Tribune, a key plotter behind Dhaka’s July 1-2 attack is in India’s West Bengal.

The report claims that this man – a JMB operative called Mohammed Suleiman – ‘slipped into’ West Bengal seven months before the attack took place.


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Going by the report, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina’s key aide, Gowhar Rizvi, has now suggested that Bangladesh should share a dossier of “missing youths” with India.

With this, Rizvi hopes that the two countries would jointly be able to fight cross-border terrorism.

Rizvi is a senior foreign affairs adviser to Hasina and has been looking into the series of attacks in Bangladesh.


Shadhin Bangla 24

Gowhar Rizvi, Senior Foreign Affairs Adviser, Bangladesh. Shadhin Bangla 24

Bangladesh government has been on the lookout for Suleiman, whose name cropped up while they were questioning an IS operative 10 days ago.

The IS operative – Abu Al-Musa Al Bangali alias Musa – was arrested by Bangladesh CID few days back. Suleiman is said to be his handler for past two years.



Police during Dhaka Terrorist attack on July 1. IBT

Rizvi said that Bangladesh is now preparing a dossier on missing youths.

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