Bangladesh Police Arrests University’s Acting Pro-VC In Connection With Dhaka Attack

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1:10 pm 17 Jul, 2016

Bangladesh police arrested three people, including North South University’s acting pro-VC Dr Gias Uddin Ahsan, for renting out a flat to the attackers of Holey Artisan restaurant.


North South University

North South University. North South University

The news about the arrest was confirmed by Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Masudur Rahman on July 16, who said they also arrested Ahsan’s nephew Alam Chowdhury and building manager Mahbubur Rahman Tuhin.

The arrest was conducted by a team of Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crimes (CTTC) unit. Ahsan did not gather the required information from the tenants.


North South University

Dr Gias Uddin Ahsan. North South University

According to Rahman, associates of the five attackers had first moved into the flat on May 16 where police found sand-filled cartons. The police suspect these were used to carry the grenades used by attackers.

Police also suspect that the five attackers later finalised their plan of attack after moving into the flat.


Click it Tefaq

Attackers involved in Gulshan attack. Click it Tefaq

The terrorists who gunned down 22 people, brutally torturing many, were identified as university students. Two of them, Bangladesh claimed, followed Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

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