11 Hilarious Background Photo Fails That Will Make You ROFL

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9:01 pm 10 Dec, 2015

It is a sign of our narcissistic times that people click a hundred photos a day of themselves. So focused are the people on getting a good pic that they often fail to notice what’s happening right  next to them, or right behind them.


1. This is a parenting fail if I ever saw one.

baby fail


2. Duck face and dildo. Fail, fail, fail.

dildo fail


3. Did she throw out her mom and son to take this happy pic?

mom and kid fail


4. Bathroom selfie + bad parenting. Fail.

bathroom fail


5. That kid is a multi-tasker. Eating and nose-picking at once.

food fail


6. I guess she was too focused on herself to realize someone else was in the selfie.

friend fail


7. Diego Forlan kisses the World Cup while a naked man is busy on his phone in the background.

football fail


8. Your eyes didn’t even go to the couple in the pic, did they?

beach fail


9. Public bathroom selfie fail.

diaper fail


10. This is how sibling rivalry starts.

kiss fail


11. Who says you don’t have some time for porn in between hunting for News?

news fail


Credit: wittyfeed.
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