11 Signs Confirming That You Need To Go Back To Your Ex Right Away

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6:00 pm 4 Sep, 2015

“Dil keh raha use maqammal kar bhi aao, vo jo adhoori si baat baaki hai.”

 If this soulful song has been your hello-tune for the longest time and you just got the EX-cess romantic chills as you opened this listicle, then my friend, this article is purely dedicated to you.

In case, you are a victim of  “You-cheated-so-we-broke-up”, then probably you would be bemused and afraid  to scroll down, just to avoid the rush of painful emotions. Just relax! The pointers below will surely give you a different perception of a relationship.

Here are the points in the ‘loving memory’ of your ex. Oops! “Ex” sounds a bit disturbing…

1. There is still something you want to say to her which you never did.

The “moved-on” heart feels, what if, on that unfortunate night, you guys had melted the argument with a peaceful conversation, the break-up would never had happened.

2. She still visits your mind just before you are about to sleep.

There is something strange and interesting about the night time. It has some exceptional power, as the heart is allowed to yell the regrets that the mind forcibly tries to shut down.

3. You both are single since then!

This is an universal sign. You tried dating but didn’t click with anyone with the same intensity and passion. And my friend, you never will. Don’t even think of downloading “Tinder” app. It is a kingdom of fake love and romance.

4. You are still unable to figure out who you really are.

The day she went away, a part of you got lost. And without that part, you are still incomplete. And this mayhem will keep haunting you until you decide to get back with her.

5. You still talk to her in your head.

Our head is a powerhouse of emotions, while the heart is busy flushing them out. And some creative freak rightly quoted, “If you are not talking to someone you madly want to, you will waste your time taking to them in your head.”

And that creative freak is me !

6. Not a day has passed when you didn’t think of her.

True memories never leave you, they occupy the insane part of your mind and shelter themselves there forever. Whenever you are with besties, you desperately try to get “HER” in the conversation.

7. Sometimes you feel like saying, I am sorry dear, we can start all over again.”

Actually always!

8. Your break-up wasn’t mutual.

There was a “third person” involved in your break-up and that conspirator, a jealous maniac, wanted you to part ways with her. You foolishly followed him and faced the consequences.

9. You still remember her phone number but never called her.

Whenever you tried calling her, your ego stopped you. If you feel your ego is so essential, then keep it safe and carry it to your grave, it will help you survive there!

10. Whenever “Tum hi ho” is played, the only girl that fills your mind at that moment is your ex.

Just give it a thought, why does your heart spontaneously think of her?

11. The final sign.

If you consciously read my listicle and thought of your ex a hundred times, then what are waiting for?  I won’t text her for you. And don’t let my listicle go waste, though I got handsomely paid for it.



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